Sunday, March 7, 2010

An Interesting Day for the New Iraq

As the sun sets on the East Coast of the US, it has been dark for awhile in Iraq. However, the day was lit up by explosions of both democracy and violence. Rockets were fired into the capital and there were roadside bombings resulting in Iraqi civilian casualties. When the war was originally sold to the American people, Iraq was to be a beacon of democracy that would spread amongst the Middle East, perhaps similar to the explosion of democracy in Eastern Europe. A few years ago, that potential was almost laughable and seemed to be just another in a string of likes from jackals wrapped in the flag telling us campfire tales of weapons of mass destruction.

Yet, today Iraqi citizens literally risked their lives to go and cast their votes. Even though it was dangerous, these people would bring their children because it was important to them that they instill the importance of voting and democracy. Dependent upon the results of the election - specifically whether or not there was fraud and how the losers react - this could actually be an important step on the road to a truly democratic Iraq. The government is fraught with corruption, but like we can point fingers in that regard. The important thing is that the people feel enough ownership of their own government to not be deterred from voting by threats of terror and violence. Americans can barely be bothered to vote, let alone be willing to do so under threat of violence.

So, with a wistfulness and hope do I watch the results of this election. Perhaps Democracy can stick in this country after all.

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